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NDOKWA ASSOCIATION, UNITED KINGDOM (NAUK) is an umbrella organisation of Ndokwa  people who have come together in commonality of interest, especially in our belongingness, pursuit of the common goals that bind us as a people in the United Kingdom. We, NAUK, desire to  promote the essence of our heritage; our collective well-being, in a way that engenders peace and harmony with, and within the respective communities where we live (find ourselves) here in the UK.

As a socio-cultural association (with local and international affiliations), we are set up in chapters (operating as local organisations of the umbrella body) to meet the diverse needs of our people in their immediate communities, facilitate relationships and engage in community impact efforts, especially among the youth.

Membership is through the local chapters. However, any Ndokwa man or woman, youth (boy or girl over 18 years) who desires to be a member but lives distant from a local chapter, may apply for membership through the national body who will admit such a person. However, he will be automatically affiliated to the nearest local NAUK chapter, and which he/she will relate in order to meet his/her personal needs in line with our constitutional provisions.

NAUK stands out as a well-focused association with a niche in cultural exchange, bridge-building and community impact. We are continuing to build a reliable tradition that helps to make us relevant in the land of sojourn.

Our vision . . . “a united, valued and vibrant Ndokwa community in the UK”

Mission statement

. . . to build a united, valued Ndokwa community in the UK committed to advancing our collective interests, fully harnessing our strengths and goodwill as a people to impact our larger community.


NDOKWA ASSOCIATION UNITED KINGDOM National (NAUK) is run on a sound philosophy that seeks the best for our stakeholders, including members and their respective chapters, affiliate organisations (women wing, NNU, etc), and host communities.


NDOKWA ASSOCIATION, UNITED KINGDOM (NAUK) is driven by following core values, LIST:

  • Love
  • Integrity
  • Service (& Community Impact)
  • Tradition values

Along these values, we are continually guided in our engagements to:

  • exceed the expectations of our valued members and stakeholders by building and demonstrating love that elicit trust from stakeholders,
  • Comply with our statutory policy framework as enshrined in our operating constitutional document at all times as a mark of being covenenant keepers,
  • Remain responsive to our social responsibilities through effective community relations, and a commitment to engage ethically and in compliance with established rules and regulations in the UK.
Consequently, we engage in:
  • Socio-economic Integration & Community Impact
  • Socio-Cultural activities
  • Youth Development
  • Women development


We are a team of committed executives, in direct interaction with chapter leaders and elected delegates, that is well-focused to deliver on our association’s vision. We conscientiously tap on the strength of unity in the union to serve on strong partnership basis and act to creatively meet the association’s collective interest. We believe this works to our mutual advantage always.


Chapters and their respective members across the UK, the respective local communities we live, affiliate associations/clan organisations/organisations (including the NNU).


The core of NAUK is the family. Consequently, we will facilitate the moral framework that promotes sound family values. With the length and breadth of the UK as our constituency, our promise is to be able to reach members wherever they are in the UK and be their family and their neighbour.   


What is life without impact? Hence, we are building an impactful NAUK, committed to driving development through its socio-economic projects. We will engage in medical outreaches, intervention programmes, and partner with affiliate agencies in social responsibility.


NAUK National, and its chapters as a corporate organisation, is run by a team who bring their composite professional expertise and social skills acquired over the years to bear on what they do for the association and their valued members. It is the basis of our confidence to guarantee NAUK’s viability and distinctive service delivery to its members always.

We are NAUK, an association committed to impacting members and the local community with the same passion and values that drive us and consequently.

NAUK NATIONAL . . . making members feel at home wherever they live here in the UK.

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